Late Afternoon, Venice

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Maker ::  Graceann Warn

48 x 36 x 1.5"

encaustic on board

"The paintings I make reflect my interests in architecture and archaeology. They evoke the surfaces of well worn structures, at once revealing and concealing."

The word 'palimpsest' best describes the inspiration for Graceann Warn's work. A palimpsest is a manuscript page that has been written on, scraped off, and used again. One can see the vestiges of the previous images under the topmost surface evoking an ancient wall or well used chalkboard.
“My pieces are painted, drawn and constructed using paper, wax and, sometimes found objects. I like to use images from architecture, science and archaeology in my work. My formal education in landscape architecture and classical archaeology provides structure to artistic flights of fancy that always seem to revolve around some form of revelation or mystery.”
 - Graceann Warn

About Encaustic:
Encaustic is an ancient medium in which beeswax is melted and combined with dry pigment and varnish. It is applied to a ground while in its molten state and as it cools, it dries as a hard, permanent surface. I have long been attracted to encaustic because of the interesting surface textures I can achieve with it as well as its compatibility with oils and collage. There is an immediacy to the look and an unmistakable presence of the artist in the surface.
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