Lingo: Black Xs


By George Peterson/Circle Factory

9" x 34"

George Peterson's work is in the collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, Asheville Art Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Minneapolis Museum of Art, Mint Museum of Craft + Design, and is shown around the world.

"My aim with this series is to celebrate the ICONIC nature of the skateboard. As a person who obsesses about all the different wood species, I have come to see these broken and banged up pieces of plywood as a type of exotic material. Not because it’s rare or expensive, but that it’s been processed in a very unique and specific way. Creatively speaking, this series owes a lot to the culture and industry of skateboarding. Like making art, skateboarding is a very creative and personal outlet. It is also inherently destructive; boards get worn down, cracked and broken. It is a subtle and unintended type of wood sculpting.

"This series is about layers: it speaks of the utility and beauty of wood, the culture and byproducts of our modern world and the visual/textural language I’ve developed through my work as an artist."