Little Colorspike No.3

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Maker :: Alice Rise

Materials: 14k gold earwires, Japanese glass beads

Dimensions: length  7/8"

I’m Jessica Haynes, and I make jewelry for women who believe in the beauty of their own dreams. I started Alice Rise at 38 because despite my fears and doubts, an unfamiliar voice inside me suddenly laid down the law: the time for living like you don’t believe in yourself is over. The truth is, I’ve always been afraid of practically everything – which is why I remind myself daily, in any way I can, that I’m brave enough to take a risk. Chasing our dreams matters that much.

I began making and wearing these pieces because I discovered that color has the power to affect how we feel. Lightweight, vibrant, and effortless, these impart a unique boldness to your look and act as a personal reminder of your own vitality and beauty.