Next Stop: Imagine Nation


by Tracy W. Hambley

25" x 25"

Mixed media assemblage: Vintage navigation charts, maps, toy planes, and bits and pieces of very cool stuff roaming around this place we call imagination.

I think it was Dr. Seuss who first referred to the imagination as a true nation. I always loved that thought and imagined people flying in from mundane countries to visit the most incredible nation on planet earth where the imagination would make all things impossible, possible. What an amazing visit that would be. In fact, I would never want to leave. How about you?

"Inspired by my love of writing and collecting, I use vintage, commonplace, and found items as narrative to explore a variety of themes. By juxtaposing these objects in my assemblages, my aim is to create whimsical visual vignettes using things we can see, to express ideas, memories, dreams and impulses we can't see. I hope to lure the viewer into a world that at first seems distantly familiar, but upon further inspection inspires them to make a personal connection based on their own memories and experiences." Tracy W. Hambley