On The Rocks



by Sea Stones

Our novel bar accessory has won favor with Scotch purists and nature lovers. Crafted with care from stones collected from New England beaches, On the Rocks is a set of six granite drink chillers. They perfectly chill fine spirits.

On The Rocks chills whiskies and other fine liquors to their ideal drinking temperature (about 59°F,) without adding unwanted taste or diluting the drink. The solid granite stays cold, ensuring a smooth and leisurely drinking experience.

For these reasons, Whiskey connoisseurs prefer On The Rocks over ice. Whisky specialist, Marc Reynier, from the Bruichladdich distillery in Scotland points out; “We go to lengths to provide hand-selected, natural whisky, unadulterated by additives, sweeteners or colorings only for the drinker to go and add chlorine and fluoride,” chemicals commonly found in frozen tap water.

The set of six handcrafted chillers is presented in a hardwood tray for freezing and serving, and because no two stones are alike, your glass is easy to identify when sipping with company. On The Rocks is the perfect gift for all lovers of fine spirits.