Rock Salt & Pepper Shakers-Brown Swirl

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by: Cliff glover

Sold as a pair

approx: 3" diam x 2" tall

I've been a full time potter since 1991. Before that I worked as an editor for Nevada Magazine. Like many potters, I'm inspired by Japanese ceramics and use many oriental techniques on my own work. I also like natural materials in my glazes, such as wood ash and Big River mud. Once in a while I'll put a few brush strokes on a piece, but in general I try to keep the surface simple. A good glaze enhances the worst pot; a poor decoration runis the best. These shakers are made of high-fired stoneware. the black "rocks" have slightly larger holes for coarse ground pepper or kosher salt. All the bottoms are sanded smooth so that they are table friendly. Before using shakers for the first time, please remove the cork and shake out any loose ceramic particles that may have been caught inside during firing process.