She Has a Voice of Gladness

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Maker :: Kate Nelson


oil stick on cradled board, wax

Kate Nelson has never been one to limit herself. If something interests her she pursues it. The result is a fascinating woman of varied talents. Kate received a degree in pre-medicine from UMASS before branching off to receive an art degree as well. She then furthered her education at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Haystack in Deer Isle, Maine, and on the artistically inspirational peninsula of Cape Cod. She has taught lithography at the Cape Cod Conservatory, and is the former principal of a graphic design firm. 
Kate has recently transitioned again, this time to a widely successful career in abstract painting and printmaking. 

Regarding her delightfully free and expressive abstracts, Kate poetically ponders, “To be concise. To pare down. Past words, past being descriptive, past the left brain snow-job interpreter. Like jazz, abstract painting is born in passion, nurtured in structure and grown by improvisation. I hope to see my work become like good jazz; disciplined yet free, spare yet full, with a rich tradition yet achingly personal.”

Represented at Commercial Street: 508.349.9451