Single Face with ragged birch


by Mona Brooks


Working with porcelain, wood, fabric, candor and my muse, I try and illustrate our humanness in my work. This I find most challenging and uplifting, spending my time each day to bring these characters into being. At last complete, it is the personality that shows me who He is; indeed and alas, I am only a tool for its creation.

Which brings me to the real reason for my art and work. These days there is a seemingly never ending tale of bad news filled with injustice and war between nations and cultures and each other.

One thing only is needed, to laugh and dance together to the music that is ours for the sharing.

So...I've been creating in my studio these beings who sit around and offer humanness in their 'fool'ishness. They are just the same as we are, through them we can take a good look at ourselves and find a little lightness in our heads and hearts and maybe they will bring a little spring to your step as you move through your day.