Small Bird of Paradise Earrings - oxidized sterling silver

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Maker: Thea Izzi

Smaller size oxidized sterling silver post earrings  

 Dimensions: .5" x .5" x.125"

"While I was a RISD student, I participated in a study abroad program in Italy. I was ignited by Rome’s rich architectural history and discovered my love of ancient, classical and modern sculpture. These became sources of inspiration that later found an outlet in the smaller more accessible format of jewelry. The work of modernist sculptors such as Brancusi and Noguchi and the Italian jewelry artist Giampaolo Babetto inspire me to distill each form to its essential geometry. A few years later, I returned to Italy as a Fulbright Scholar. I studied classical sculptures and paintings and how they represent the various roles of women."

Lotus Necklace sold separately .