Small Smooth Bowl - Teal Exterior with Orange Interior

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Maker :: Tom Marrinson


These bowls are so exquisitely luminous that you don't know where the bottom is. You want to put your finger in to make sure that there really is depth to the vessel.

Tom slab-constructs these bowls of white earthenware clay, leaving the inner and outer surfaces entirely matte. The sheer inner color comes from airbrushed underglazes. The result is a surface that seems to absorb light and intensify it so it glows. 

Care of Your Vessel:

The vessels have been sealed to protect from handling, but the surface remains porous and is not intended to hold liquids or foods.Should your vessel become soiled, first try rubbing the area with a clean eraser. Or immerse in warm, soapy water and scrub with a soft brush. Do not clean with a cloth or sponge.