Soft Shadows


by Rosalie Stambler Nadeau

pastel 10" x 13"

“Painting puts me intimately in touch with the landscape. Nature is my teacher. She inspires me with her ever changing light and luminous color. My paintings reflect my feelings for specifiic light and place. I am enamored by Cape Cod and its atmosphere of crystal light.”

Rosalie Nadeau's popularity has reached nationwide proportions in such publications as The Pastel Painter's Solution Book, by David Cuthbert, Shapes and Edges, by Hazel Harrison, and Painting the Impressionist Landscape, by Lois Griffel. Having also been featured in numerous magazines, including American ArtistDaniel Smith Catalogue of Artist's Materials, and Cape Cod Life, Rosalie’s paintings come highly recommended by the art world.

Rosalie’s artistic education began with a BFA in 1970 from the Maryland Institute of College Art, where she was able to study with Peter Milton and Raoul Middleman. She further cultivated her studies by attending the Cape Cod School of Art where she studied with renowned artist Lois Griffel.

Represented at Commercial Street: 508.349.9451