Stylized Mobile "Everlasting"

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by Jan Carson

This decorative mobile is made from lightly-starched silk and fine gauge stainless steel wire. It arrives ready to suspend with a decorative hook. The frames for my mobiles are made from scratch, hand-assembled, and individually soldered.

Dimensions: 50” Diameter (needed to spin freely) x 20” vertical depth
Silk Colors: Petal Pink, Red Violet, Lavender, Open Sky, Dark Iris

Each mobile is made to order and arrives ready to suspend and includes about three feet of nylon line. All that's required is a small cup hook or screw eye for the ceiling insertion point.

My mobiles are best suited for interior locations, and are not intended for outdoor use. They will retain their beauty indefinitely if placed properly and treated with care. Avoid placement under an air vent or anywhere that updrafts are common, brutal sunshine, or in areas with high humidity.

Just like any decorative object, your mobile should be dusted occasionally. It's easiest to take the mobile down, lay it flat on a table, and gently brush the upper side of the leaves with an artist’s brush or soft terry cloth. Take care not to crease the leaves, and wipe in the same direction as the leaf wire.