Textured Soft Blue Glass Wave Sculpture


By Anchor Bend Glassworks

Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Tim Underwood

Each Anchor Bend Glassworks Textured Glass Wave Sculpture is individually handcrafted with a blend of natural ocean tones for a stunning core coloration. These wave sculptures bring the beauty of the ocean indoors. All of our hand blown glass art is made with pride in the Ocean State. Show your love for your ocean!

Our New limited edition run of Large and XL Textured Waves, taller than our original with texture added at the crest for an extra splash.  Created in a new soft blue color and bubbley throughout. The bubbles magnify the texture and depth of the wave. Show your love for your Ocean.  

Large: 5" w x 5" h - 

XL: 6" w x 6" h -