Toward Hopkins Island


by Gregory Kammerer

mixed media on board

11.5" x 14"


"My studio is divided by a wall—one side is where I paint; the other is a workshop. Increasingly, it feels like the wall between the two spaces needn’t be there. This collection speaks to the coupling of these two worlds. I am drawn to working on different surfaces: books, curved steel, antique windows, paper, weathered and cracked raised panels—along with cherry and birds’-eye maple. Each of these influences the direction an image will take before I even lay down any paint. The text of a book, for example, can become an integral part of a landscape. The grain of a cherry panel may influence the rendering of the sky or suggest the contours of a field or slope.
Many of the pieces are mixed-media, using different combinations of oil, acrylic, colored pencils, and egg tempera. Over time my paintings have become more layered and textured. Scraping down to the deeper layers reveals light, and often the heart of a painting. The painted books blur the lines between painting and sculpture. They are by nature tactile and meant to be picked up, examined, and turned over—and may find a home on a desk or mantel.
My hope is to keep the boundaries more fluid and the possibilities wide open."

Gregory Kammerer