Tower Candlesticks with Drip Cups


Tower Candlesticks

Our 4” Tower Candlesticks come in a variety of swirling colors. The hole in the top is designed to fit an average tapered candle or can be fitted with a drip cup. Candles should never be allowed to burn down into the glass.

Candlesticks are sold individually but can make great pairs or trios. Each candlestick is signed and dated and all pieces are made by hand so no two are exactly alike.

Inky Blue features swirling blue color through clear, cast glass much like ink in water.

Fiesta features swirling colors of blue, yellow, red, green and purple through clear, cast glass.

Espresso Mint features swirling colors of deep espresso brown and mint green through clear, cast glass.

Red Green features swirling colors of soft spring green and vermilion red through clear, cast glass.