Turn Down Series #5

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Maker :  Fay Shutzer

oil on linen

20" x 24" linen

21" x 25" framed

"Turn Down Service" has multiple meanings. All of the paintings are set on Route 6A on the road in North Truro to Provincetown which in summer is a popular vacation spot, so the most obvious interpretation is that there might be beds being turned down for the night. Next, the time of day.....a spectacular sky as the sun is turning down and the day is ending. Additionally, I was intrigued with trying to capture the muting (turning down) of color of the landscape against the brilliance of nature's sky. And then the road leads (turns down) to the end of Cape Cod, Provincetown, and I think of that ending of the road, and end of day. And then the word "Service" has multiple intentions as well....the slightly religious overtone of faith, the timelessness of this evocative place, the day will be followed by another, tomorrow.  

“Painting takes me on a journey and I find that I am increasingly daring to explore along the way. At times, changing the color of a sky, simplifying objects to basic shapes, eliminating details, changing canvas size or range of palette and seeing the result is enough to take the painting to a new place. Sometimes the original road (effort) is successful, and at other times, the new one brings me somewhere unexpected.” - Fay Lampert Shutzer