Up and Down


 Up and Down

8.75" x 5" x 3"

metal mounted on wood

Tomas Savrda

I guess my love of primitive toys, admiration of simplicity, simple mechanical devices and old things in general, translates into my work. As for the kinetic objects, there is something unreal and magical about a balancing object- it almost defies the law of nature, the movement is so hypnotic- it's about to fall, and yet it is not falling- a miracle.

All my late kinetic pieces are interactive objects- you have to touch them to put them in motion and it's difficult to walk by the object and not to touch it. It can be quite addictive. There is simply something about the movement that's attractive.

I can't work with new materials. I want the object to look like it was around and played with for a long time-the patina and the surface imperfections are to me of the utmost importance. I recycle the metal and wood that has been naturally weathered and shows its age. I select the material based on texture,cut metal with snips, hammer in the design, file the edges and clean it from rust. Then the piece is riveted together, brushed and balanced. After it is patinated the object is brushed again and a protective coat is applied.

The transformation will never cease to fascinate me- how a piece of junk metal or discarded wood suddenly becomes something else-and I like to think a more attractive object. And while I'm not pretending that the selection of my work material started out of a concern for the environment, it still pleases me that the work is eco-friendly. Only the nails, little paint, glue, and metal protection cover are store bought.


Tomas Savrda was born in Czechoslovakia and studied at the Hollar School of Visual Arts in Prague. After a few years working as a graphic designer in Prague, he spent a year in France, then moved to the United States where he began a long career as a graphic designer and computer graphic artist for numerous clients and advertising agencies. Finding the work unfulfilling in the end, he started to pursue his main interest- creating kinetic objects and assemblages -full-time. He has received numerous awards for his work which can be found in many galleries throughout the U.S. He lives and works in Kent,CT