Volute - 14x16.5"


by Annieglass


Founded over 38 years ago on the California Coast by Annie Morhauser, Annieglass makes sustainably handcrafted glass giftware, serving ware and tableware in a small studio on the Monterey Bay Coast. Annieglass shines in its individuality and uniqueness- glass retains natural textures from handmade ceramic molds, hand painted bands of gold show the brush strokes from its makers and a hand engraved studio signature can be found on the back of every piece. Each piece is uniquely crafted using a technique called slumping, which not only makes it gorgeous but durable and dishwasher safe as well. Annieglass uses the finest materials - including 24kt gold which fuses to the piece and becomes dishwasher safe. All pieces are multifunctional and meant to be used and enjoyed in every room of the house.