Warm Fall


Maker :: Rebecca Grace Jones

8" x 8" x 2" Mixed Media On Panel

Acrylic and charcoal with paper on wood panel

Wood panel 2” deep

Image wraps around four sides so no framing is needed

Each painting unique

Ready to hang

"When I start a mixed media collage I rarely know what it is going to turn out to be. I work intuitively and without reference. I am interested in building up textures with my materials and creating a series of layers that reveal the history of each one’s application. Often a collage is painted over, scraped off and reapplied in a new form. The repeated constructing and destroying and recreating builds a rich surface. The pieces are often finished with details, sometimes whimsical, always with attention to the subtle beauty of the mark. I use watercolor paper, Thai and Yupo papers, tissue and rice paper with acrylics, inks, chalk and oil pastels, charcoal and colored pencil."

-Rebecca Grace Jones