Rosalie Nadeau's nature

Rosalie Nadeau's nature

Have you been to Wellfleet lately? The views are amazing, inside and out.

"Painting connects me intimately with my subject. The pure pigment of pastel and oil are unequaled in portraying the brilliant intensity of nature. As light colors life, I am inspired to paint... to create presence, a tactile feeling, the sense of specific time and space." 
- Rosalie Nadeau

As light colors life

Rosalie's pastels are unmistakeable, glowing with luminous color. 

A master plein air painter, Rosalie Nadeau's representational paintings are influenced by both realist and impressionist traditions. She balances powerful use of color with her classical understanding of form. 

(Do you suppose the title of the painting above, "Harvester," is in reference to the figure in the foreground, or the background?)

Versatile in both pastel and oil, Rosalie shares her enthusiasm with others - conducting intensive workshops on-location as well as in the studio to focus on light on the still life and the figure. 

Luminous. Unmistakable. Irresistible.
Audrey Parent