Hetty Friedman

It all started at age 13 when I took a weaving class at summer camp. It was like a miracle to me -- you put gorgeous colored yarns on the loom and pull off a gorgeous piece of fabric. I am continually in awe of the process.

The surprises that emerge from combining different types of fibers and colors into one warp always amaze me. The simplicity of the grid combined with the limitlessness of the textures and hues keep seducing me to design my pieces.

I work mainly with bamboo and rayon. They weave up into fabric that has a wonderful ‘hand’, great drape, and resiliency.  I often add unusual novelty yarns as supplemental warps.

Hand painting warps allows me to create unique pieces in a limitless variety of colors. The warp threads are my canvas. While the warp and weft are at right angles, the applied dyes can flow and meld.

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17 results

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