Kennedy Cards

Cards by Lucy Kennedy

Steve Kennedy grew up in Central Connecticut. He spent summers with his family in South Portland, Maine, where he was greatly impressed with the port city’s then largely abandoned waterfront. It was here his love for things of the sea took root. Upon graduation from the Paier College of Art (New Haven, CT) in 1981, Kennedy moved to Cape Cod and began focusing more on the traditional “plein air” manner of painting, working outdoors in all four seasons. He calls his style “a painterly realism” because he works in a loose yet representational way. Kennedy utilizes sunlight to strengthen form and create a mood. He prefers the low arc of light found in fall and winter because it brings out drama in the most ordinary subjects. His use of color complements graphic patterns of light and shadow. Steven has drawn inspiration from the rooftops of Provincetown, the harbor and streets of Gloucester, the catboats of Wellfleet

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