#170 North Atlantic Right Whale


Maker :: Bonnie Garaventi

Ceramic whales mounted on painted canvas

9" x 12" Panel

About Bonnie’s North Atlantic Right Whale and Humpback Whale wall sculptures.

Several years ago, a pod of North Atlantic Right Whales spent 2 weeks in the waters just off
Bonnie’s home on the north shore of Boston. Known as an “urban whale” as they migrate
through shipping lanes, they are slow-moving and fall to boat strikes and entanglements.
Their birth rates are low and their numbers have declined precipitously since 2010. Today, there are fewer
than 360 left. Moved by their beauty, story, and impending extinction, the experience inspired
her whale collection. A portion of the sales from this collection are donated to WDC (Whale &

Dolphin Conservation) @us.whales.org.